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Common terms and expressions used for endodontic disease conditions and treatment Procedures

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Pulpitis-Inflammation of the dental pulp.Symptomatic and asymptomatic pulpitis, as well asirreversible and reversible pulpitis, are commonly used terms to specify lesions with and without painful symptoms. The terms total and partial pulpitis are also in use.

Pulp necrosis-Pulp death. Pulp chamber is devoid of a functional pulp tissue. Necrosis can be more or less complete, i.e. partial or total.

Apical periodontitis-Inflammatory reaction of the tissues surrounding the root apex of a tooth. Symptomatic/asymptomatic apical periodontitisand acute/chronic apical periodontitis, respectively, are applied to indicate lesions with and without overt clinical symptoms such as pain, swelling and tenderness. Dental or apical granuloma is a histological term for an established lesion. Apicalperiapical and periradicular are interchangeable terms to state the location of the process at or near the root tip.

Pulp capping-Treatment procedure aimed at preserving a dental pulp that has been exposed to the oral environment.

Partial pulpotomy-Treatment procedure by which the most (often inflamed) superficial portion (1–2 mm) of the coronal pulp is surgically removed with the aim of preserving the remaining tissue.

Pulpotomy-Treatment procedure by which the entire coronal pulp tissue is surgically removed with the aim of preserving the remaining tissue. The term pulpotomy is also used to describe a pain-relieving procedure in an emergency treatment of symptomatic pulpitis.

Pulpectomy-Treatment procedure by which pulp tissue (often inflamed) is surgically removed and replaced with a root filling.

Root canal treatment (RCT)-Treatment of teeth with necrotic pulps where root canals are often infected.

Non-surgical retreatment-Treatment of root filled teeth with clinical and/or radiographic signs of root canal infection, where root fillings are removed, canals disinfected and refilled. May also be carried out to improve the technical quality of previous root fillings.

Surgical retreatment-Treatment procedure by which the root apex of a tooth is surgically accessed to manage a root canal infection that has not been successfully treated by RCT. Retrograde endodontics or surgical endodontics are other terms for this procedure.

Sumber: Textbook of Endodontology

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